Check your boo bees Breast Cancer Ribbon shirt

Check your boo bees Breast Cancer Ribbon shirt


Thank you for helping a stranger your family is so proud of you, they truly have raised you in faith with young people like you in this world I have hope and faith you all are going to be alright inspite of the mess we are in right now

What an inspiring girl! That definitely seemed to be more than coincidence that she was on that flight…. CBS I’m going to start following you because you’re posting more of these heartwarming positive stories!

Dear Clara…I AM impressed…and delighted! You’ve had an “uphill swim” in facets of your life, and you managed to turn at least part of that “swim” into something that benefited a man who understandably felt alone and isolated on his flight. I applaud you for your perception of someone’s need and your empathy in fulfilling it. It is clear that you have some wonderful experiences ahead of you. I (and I’m pretty certain a lot of other people) wish you well. You are a delight!

This young lady was on that plane for a reason. She was the Check your boo bees Breast Cancer Ribbon shirt provided to this man who needed assurance. I truly believe this was in God’s plan for both of them. Two strangers that both needed assurance that they were helpful to others. Thank you young lady for answering the call! God bless them both!!.

What a Blessing this young Lady is to those in need. I hope she becomes a instructor. May God Bless her and let her follow all her dreams. No matter what they are going to be. Compassion and love should always be what makes the world go round. I am sure


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