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So, was Roseanne wrong for what she said? First Bee Be kind shirt that. I have no problem with firing Samantha Bee. Roseanne is a fat pig and deserves what she got and in my opinion so does Samantha. I’m sick of both sides acting like little children. Well such and such did this so why not them. Sorry but sounds like my kids when they were young. Again I ask you, was Roseanne wrong for what she did?

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All the leftist and their hate? Where did that come from? I guess you are so far right just like a lot of others that are so far left that you will never be in the middle. Obviously this is towards Jack. To all here, she was fired because of what she wrote. How can you argue that. Also it was her employer who fired her. Blame them. If you went to work today and said the same thing to a fellow employee do you think they can fire you? I bet they would. Go ahead and argue that such and such did that and why me. See what happens. Sorry Luanne Green, this has been pissing me off. Tired of both parties bitching like little kids. Fire both parties and start from scratch instead of fighting each other.

Bee Be kind shirt

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They are both wrong. They are both assholes. We are idiots to sit around and say “what about” and “what about” and “he/she started it first” and “it’s not fair” I for one am appalled at the lack of kindness in the Bee Be kind shirt anymore, the lack of manners and respect. So we sit and fight amoung ourselves about this and nothing gets done at all about important stuff in life because everyone is acting like they live in a school yard.

Bee Be kind shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Yes I would be fired. And Hollywood showed Roseanne. My thought is they should have used it as an opportunity to educate. I know this, nobody has any values or morals any longer. That remark was for Jack. He won’t answer. I agree with MJ Williams 100%. Don’t think anyone could have said it better. Daniel, how dare you body shame a woman. You are revolting. I bet you use the c word all he time. How ould you like your child called it

Bee Be kind shirt

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Keep wearing your helmet ol boy, but just because you’re an ugly sumbitch and I guess because we kinda like your goofy ass! My Bee Be kind shirt finally started wearing a full face helmet and I’m happy as shit! Saved my husbands life bike went twenty feet in the air u should have seen his helmet i promise if u ever wreck youll wish u wore a helmet! dont wait till its 2 late we are saying this only because we care! so dont get offended. You are being smart!! Nurses call riders without helmets “organ donors” mean I know but we sure see a lot of cycle accidents.


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