Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt

Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve



I ran this morning in my Nikes. They felt so good, added a bounce to my jogging, they help me breathe better, and actually sent off a couple of morning emails for me ( through their new patient technology). I know I’m plugging my run group (keeppace), but I really think we should all do a run this Saturday morning and make sure to wear your Nikes. I really think this is a pretty cool idea. We have a right to protest and whom ever don’t like it can kick rocks! Just like Slavery and Segregation were not right and neither is what is happening now with Black Lives! We have a right to protest it and many of our ancestors fought so we can have the same freedoms that the Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt.

Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt, tank top, youth tee and ladies tee

You know what really happen? Unique really didn’t left but those trio instead (Blaster,Badjao,Zild) because someone offered more opportunities and better pay. Unique stays with Kean Cipriano (Former handler of IV of Spades) . Remember, nung birthday ni Kean hindi umattend ang IV of Spades si Unique lang? After Kean introduce them then Unique is the only person who stayed. I told you. When I was on recruiting duty, one of the first points I made clear to potential recruits is that the military is a reflection of society. There are liars, thieves, rapists, killers, and racists/bigots that have worn and will continue to wear the uniform. So the handful of vets and active duty members that I see on here that I once served with that make comments loaded with racial undertones and massive ignorance simply doesn’t surprise me anymore. At the end of the day rational, objective people get it. That it’s not about agreeing, disagreeing, standing or kneel during a damn song (With it’s own checkered past btw). It’s about seeing the issues for what they are, knowing in your heart they exist, and becoming a part of the solution, or at a minimum simply respecting people’s right to protest issues they feel need more attention, without denigrating the manner in which they choose to do so, pretty simple if your heart is true, but therein lies the rub

Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt

Ace of Spades Cayde 6 ladies tee Ace of Spades Cayde 6 tank top Ace of Spades Cayde 6 ladies tee V-neck Ace of Spades Cayde 6 Guy V-neck

You know I’m in the military and I support Kaep I’m just wondering if I should get kicked out because I support kaepernick. I get these clowns kill me too but I won’t let what they think kill me.These are clowns Snoop and you’ve been smart enough to know what time it is no matter what they said or how hard they smile when they say it.I’m glad you addressed these folks it’s too much that doesn’t make sense and they act like we don’t know any better. I’m always perplexed when those who’ve never experienced racial oppression, discrimination or brutality have the Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt to tell those of us that have how to resist/protest it. Whether we’re standing or kneeling for a piece of fabric, the facts remain the same-they don’t see us as humans. They have dehumanized black skin and create false narratives to appeal to their own racist agendas.

Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

I think iba talaga ang gustong style na i-pursue ni Unique so I guess need nya talaga humiwalay. I admire his courage and love for his music. Just watched their Music videos and Im impressed. They seemed so passionate about their music and I can say they both deserve recognition and love for it. Honestly, its been eye opening to see how undervalued black lives are to many of those we know or knew from high school, college and even work.
A lifetime of unmerited privilege, and a product of inbreeding leading this country has emboldened so many to finally be open with their racist bigotry.

Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt

Ace of Spades Cayde 6 hoodie Ace of Spades Cayde 6 longsleve tee Ace of Spades Cayde 6 sweater

Stay positive! Block their sorry asses! It’s our job to focus on the Ace of Spades Cayde 6 shirt we can get out of this mess! I’m an outsider on the inside. I don’t give up. We will discuss it in heaven one day with a smile. Mane the NFL partnered with the military not even a decade ago about this whole anthem shit. Before that they weren’t even doing the shit. As a veteran I don’t even stand up for the anthem at my kids sporting/school events. I had that convo with them. And I be waiting on one of them parents to address meabout not standing up.


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